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In the start of next year I will be travelling for almost 2,5 months and my travels start with an epic adventure to Patagonia, which hopefully includes a lot of trekking and outdoors activities. With this in mind I thought it was time to do a little fitness check and see how badly all the beer and completos (chilean hot dog)  had ruined my body during my 4 months here in Santiago. I live in the city centre and I have to say it does not invite you to do sports. The air is bad and I don’t have any beautiful parks or anything nearby to go jogging, and all excuses aside, I am lazy so last weekend I decided to join Trekking.cl, a group of avid hikers who invite all and everyone to join their hikes for free, and to see how I can survive the ascent to the foothills near Santiago. In the end I am very happy that nobody told me beforehand that we are going to ascend well over 1000 meters in less than 5 hours, most of it in the dark.


The Trekking.cl initiative is truly great. It is just a bunch of guys who want to share their experience of the routes and places and the treks happen every weekend. Whoever can join, just bring your own equipment, food and most importantly sufficient water. The group was extremely friendly and when we finally reached our destination at the top we made a small campfire, did a little barbecue and even shared horror stories. Some people may have even had a little pisco or escudo (local beer), which tasted great after the days work. We spent the night up there in tents and came down the next morning. The idea of hiking late in the night and early in the morning was because of the pressing heat in Santiago at this time a year. For someone used to a much colder climate it would have been extremely painful for me to hike up there in the middle of the day.


I will keep this post short and let you enjoy the pictures I took, but needless to say it was a great way to pass the weekend instead of going to a bar and having a hangover on Sunday. I felt very good when finally back in Santiago and am not too worried about my fitness anymore for Patagonia. I felt that I was in a good shape and going up I tried to keep a good pace to sweat all the lazy Santiago days out of my body and actually made it first on top. I will be participating on the trek next weekend as well so more of this to come!

Here is a link to their website with info on the upcoming hikes.




  • Trekking CL says:

    Posted: December 4, 2012

    Muchisimas Gracias Julius! por tus palabras! invitamos a todos a participar de nuestros trekkings! en Santiago de chile! www.freetrekking.cl Saludos! Reply

  • Petra Theodoridou says:

    Posted: December 4, 2012

    Buena fuerza! Reply


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